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NLVC is a rapidly expanding company and constantly improving and expanding its services. In May 2010, during a conference, NLCSA took the opportunity to highlight NLVC as one of the companies who continue to excel.


NLVC Ltd. owns and operates a fleet of trucks and utility vehicles providing a variety of services to commercial and industrial entities as well as our many domestic customers through its operations in Springdale. It is currently one of the largest vegetation management firms in Atlantic Canada. The operation employs upward of 170 people during the busy season, April through December.


NLVC Ltd.’s Safety management System Audit Report completed by NL Hydro on July 2010, concluded with NLVC scoring a total of 95%. The documentation requested as part of the audit review from NLVC was very thorough. All the documentation requested was in good condition and very detailed. The training records and vehicle maintenance schedule and cost program is very impressive.


NLVC Ltd.’s commitment to its employees and customers is also evident in its continuing education of employees where it seeks to maintain industry standards and implement new technology partnering with CONA, Bridging the Gap, Dow Agro Science, Nova Scotia Agriculture College and numerous Industry Alliance and Associations.

WHSCC Induction

St. John’s, NL – Terry Croucher, president of Newfoundland and Labrador Vegetation Control Ltd. (NLVC), has been inducted into the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission’s (the Commission) CEO Safety Charter.

Mr. Croucher becomes the 59th business leader since 2007, to become a signatory to the CEO Safety Charter. The Charter’s mandate is to support the continuous improvement of healthy and safe workplaces throughout our province. As ambassadors for safer workplaces, signatories have demonstrated their commitment to preventing accidents and promoting of health and safety in their workplace.

M.H.A for district of Baie Verte – Springdale, welcomes Terry into the WHSCC Safety Charter.

Some of Our Clients

NLVC Ltd.’s 15 year highlight came in 2003 when it was awarded the prestigious “Award of Excellence” by the Newfoundland & Labrador Construction Safety Association for its achievements in safety and its commitment to a safe workplace.